A Quick Guide to Sedation Dentistry

Some people feel uncomfortable about going to the dentist. Some are so afraid of going into the dentist’s office that they have a hard time relaxing or sitting long enough to receive proper treatment.

If you’re one of those people who suffering from what’s referred to as dental phobia or dental anxiety, the dentist can suggest that you be sedated throughout the whole procedure.

The Different Types of Dental Sedation

Is Dental Sedation Safe?

Dental sedation is generally safe, as long as you prepare properly and are careful after the procedure. Although it is pretty normal to feel nauseous, confused or fussy after the procedure. In rare cases, sedation can cause loss of physical coordination, dizziness, sleepiness and nausea.

If any one of your dental procedures require any form of sedation, make sure that you communicate well with your dentist. Take notes about what you should do before, during and after the procedure and make sure that you follow your dentist’s advice. For example, if your dentist asks you to, bring along someone that can watch over you and drive you home safely after the procedure. Do not insist on going alone.

The aftereffects of dental sedation should go away after a few hours, or a day or two at home. However, if you experience severe pain, bleeding, fever or vomiting, make sure that you contact your dentist immediately.


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