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Cracks, chips, and discoloration can make it hard for your teeth to look their best. Dental bonding can help create the beautiful smile you deserve. The dentists at Creative Dimensions in Dentistry, with offices conveniently located in Castro Valley and San Leandro, California, have the experience and skill to make tooth repairs invisible -- so the only thing people notice is your amazing smile. Call today for your appointment or book your visit online anytime.

Dental Bonding Q&A

What is dental bonding?

For dental bonding, your dentist uses a tough, tooth-colored, composite resin (plastic) to repair chipped, fractured, and discolored teeth. It’s also used to resize small teeth, fill in unwanted gaps between teeth, and reshape a pointy or oddly-formed tooth that detracts from your smile.

What are the benefits of dental bonding?

When compared to other cosmetic dental procedures, bonding is an easy and relatively inexpensive method of obtaining an even smile. The material used in bonding can be shaped and polished to match your existing teeth so the results appear natural. Bonding can also be used to help protect a tooth root that’s been exposed due to gum recession. It only takes one office visit to complete the bonding process, and for many patients, that’s a valuable convenience.

What is the procedure like?

Before beginning, your dentist chooses the shade of composite resin that most closely matches your natural tooth color. Then the surface of the tooth undergoing repair is etched slightly and coated with a conditioning liquid that helps the bonding material adhere to the tooth.

Your dentist then applies the putty-like resin to the tooth and molds it into its proper shape. The material is then hardened with an ultraviolet light or laser. After it hardens completely, your dentist can trim and shape the repair further as necessary. To finish the process, your dentist polishes the bonding material until it matches the sheen of the rest of the tooth’s surface.

Depending on how many teeth you’re having repaired and the type of repair, the procedure usually takes 30-60 minutes. If you plan to have multiple teeth bonded, you may need more time.

How long does dental bonding last?

Your results may vary, but bonding is expected to last up to 10 years. Your dentist can check its condition during your routine dental checkups and may recommend repairs when needed. Certain liquids, such as coffee or tea, can stain the material, but your dentist can tell you how to avoid stains, or they can be polished away during an office visit.

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