Delta Dental FAQ for Creative Dimensions in Dentistry

Are you dropping Delta Dental?
No, while we are no longer in-network with Delta Dental, we will still accept patients with Delta Dental insurance. We will now be considered out-of-network providers.

Do I need to find an in-network office?
No, you can continue receiving care at Creative Dimensions in Dentistry. We value your trust and loyalty and are committed to providing the same high-quality care.

Will you still bill my insurance for me?
Yes, we will handle the billing process. However, the insurance payment will be sent directly to you, usually within 30 days after the claim is submitted.

Is Delta Dental going to send me a letter about this?
Yes, Delta Dental may send correspondence suggesting you seek dental care elsewhere. You do not need to change offices; we are still here to serve you.

Why are you making this change?
The rising costs in California, including insurance rates for cars, homes, and businesses, have created a challenging economic environment. Despite these increases, Delta Dental has not raised reimbursement rates to match the inflationary pressures. This change allows us to continue offering high-quality care despite these financial challenges.

When does this take effect?
This change is effective immediately. We will honor Delta Dental Premier fee schedules for all Delta Dental patients until June 1st, 2025. This gives our friends and family time to acclimate to the new payment process.Will my coverage change?
Your annual limit per your insurance plan remains the same, but there may be changes in the allowed fee schedule from Delta Dental. Our front desk team is here to assist you.

Do I have to pay at the time of service?
Yes, in most cases. Delta Dental will send the reimbursement check directly to you, making it necessary to pay your co-pay upfront. However, for some of our long-standing patients, payment at the time of service may not be required as Delta Dental will still send reimbursement checks directly to our office for treatments under their care.

Can I pay after my insurance pays me?
We prefer to handle your financial obligations at the time of service.

What happens if I'm in the middle of treatment?
We will honor the quoted fees for your ongoing treatment until June 1st, 2025.

Is there anything I need to do?
No. You can continue to receive the best dental care available. We will submit claims and necessary documentation to help you maximize your dental benefits.

What insurances do you accept?
We accept most insurance companies that allow you to choose your own dentist.

What is your in-house membership plan?
Our in-house membership plan, “Plan for Health,” provides discounts on treatments and includes prepayment for exams, x-rays, and cleanings.

Can I have your in-house membership plan and my Delta Dental insurance?
Yes, as an out-of-network provider, you can utilize both and maximize your benefits.

How does the current economic environment in California affect dental practices?
The insurance industry in California is facing challenges, with rising costs for car and home insurance, and some companies withdrawing from the market. These pressures also affect dental practices. Despite these challenges, Delta Dental has not adjusted their reimbursement rates accordingly, which impacts our ability to provide high-quality care under the same conditions.

Can you help me communicate with my HR department about the insurance changes?
Yes, we provide a template letter that you can use to inform your HR department about the challenges with Delta Dental and request consideration for alternative dental insurance plans that offer a broader network of providers.

Why are so many dentists leaving the Delta Dental network?
Many dentists are leaving the Delta Dental network due to the mismatch between rising operational costs and stagnant reimbursement rates. This decision allows us to maintain the quality of care you expect and deserve.

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