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Get Your Child School Picture Ready

Now that we are back to school schedules and after-school activities here in San Leandro, now would be an ideal time to schedule a dental appointment. After all, summertime is full of cool drinks and sugary sweets.

Once the checkup is done and you have some tips to keeping their teeth nice and clean until the next appointment, now it’s time to think about maintenance. While out picking up school supplies, why not pick up a new toothbrush? And if you have a little athlete, pick up a mouthguard while you’re at it. Protecting your child’s teeth is definitely something that needs to be considered with a little human.

The final piece to this healthy smile puzzle is to ensure your little one has a great school year with a good diet. We all know kids love to eat everything bad for them, so it is our job to make sure they keep healthy foods in their bellies. There are lots of fruits and vegetables that actually help keep cavities away. Foods with lots of protein and calcium help their teeth from the inside by building up the enamel, making them stronger. Don’t deprive them of the sweet treats they long for, but keep moderation in mind as you pack their lunch boxes.

Going back to school will always be the worst time of year for a kid, so we as parents need to make the transition as painless as possible. And keeping their teeth nice and healthy will make their school pictures absolutely adorable.

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