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Keeping Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy During the Holidays

Heaps of cookies, candies, and all sorts of sugary treats are sure to be on top of your children’s wish list this Holiday season. And, if given the chance, they’d probably be happy to eat such treats all day long. But, unless we live in a world where sugar improves oral health, letting your kids get all the sugar they want during the Holidays is definitely not a good idea.

Unfortunately, though, kids will be kids and they’ll definitely find a way to get their fair share of sugar at your family’s holiday parties, as well as that of others.

Then again, despite that, there are ways to keep your kids’ teeth and gums healthy throughout the Holidays and here’s how.

The Holiday season is a good time for you to stress to your kids the importance of brushing and flossing. And, since they’re kids, you should be the parent that you are and bring their toothbrush and floss with you always. It’s also a good idea to bring yours as well

If ever a toothbrush is not available, the best thing to do is to rinse your kids’ mouth with water because it helps wash away all the acids, sugar and other food particles that may have gotten stuck in their teeth.

Hard candy is never going to do your kids’ teeth any good. If possible, avoid letting your child suck on such sugary treats for a long time.

Soda and juice are also one of the worst beverages for kids and even adults, so consumption should be limited.

If your child does insist on eating hard candy or drinking soda, encourage them to rinse afterwards. You can also try making your child chew on sugarless gum, which is a great way to keep their mouth busy, while at the same time boosting saliva that, in turn, washes away sugar.

Cheesy delights, such as mozzarella sticks, also work wonders too, because they taste great and are known to neutralize acid in the mouth.

Let’s face it. Kids will be kids. Seldom do you find kids who love brushing their teeth, let alone flossing.

You can help change that though by making brushing their teeth a fun affair. You can do this by buying them a toothbrush in their favorite color, or one that’s decorated with characters from their favorite shows. Colored flosses are also quite fun to use as well.

Follow these tips above and your kids’ teeth will be well protected during the holidays.

Of course, speaking of oral care, scheduling a cleaning and checkup with your child’s dentist is also a good idea because your kids will have time off from school and you from work. You can also take this time to ask your dentist for any tips they can add to help you keep your kids’ teeth healthy throughout the Holiday season.

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