May 23rd Is National Taffy Day

If there is ever a time of year that taffy is ideal, it is the warm days that spring has to offer. Walking along the beach or at a county fair, popping in a piece of taffy is the perfect sweet treat. Unfortunately, if you have the pleasure of wearing braces, you know that this is one treat on the ‘do not eat’ list. In fact, there are lot of restrictions when you have braces. Let’s take a look at some San Leandro dental don’ts:

Hard objects. It’s one of those habits that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but if you enjoy chomping on ice cubes or a pencil and you have braces, the chances of you popping off a bracket is quite likely. Because items like these have such a hard surface, and your brackets are held on by cement, it can become an issue that will lead you to more dental visits to repair the damage.

Sticky foods. This is the reason for the season. But having sticky treats like taffy or caramels can loosen the bands attached to your molars. It is also the reason gum isn’t the best idea either. While taffy is temporarily off limits, if you love to chew gum, try using sugar-free options. They are much less sticky and safer for your hardware.

Carbonated beverages. We all love them, especially on a hot day. Sadly, they really aren’t good for anyone. But when you have braces, the carbonation dissolves the cement and can cause more permanent issues once they come off, so it’s best to stay away.

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