Summertime Smiles and How to Keep Them Healthy

If there is any time of year children love the most, it’s the summer in Castro Valley. From ice cream to fun county fair foods, summertime has the tastiest treats. Junk food is running rampant and your child’s teeth are unfortunately going to end up becoming the victims. Here are a few tips to help keep your little one’s teeth in tip top shape during this sweet season:

First thing first: drink water. We know that children hate drinking water, but it is important during the season’s summer heat. If you feel like caving in to a sugary drink, do it during a meal so it’s finished in one sitting. If they can’t carry it around with them, bacteria that feeds off the sugars won’t have time to cause cavities.

When it comes to snacking, keep the same rule of thumb in mind. Opt for a singular snack they have to eat at once, like a candy bar or a popsicle. Healthier snacks like popcorn or pretzels with some mustard are great options. Fruits and veggies, like pears and celery, not only have a high-water content, but also helps to keep a mouth healthy. Protein is also excellent at getting rid of the some of the acids in your mouth.

When you think about your diet, keeping yourself healthy all comes down to balance. You don’t want to deprive yourself (or your family) of the various delights only this season can offer. Use some moderation.

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