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A top priority for any dentist is to keep your natural teeth healthy and in place as long as possible. Sometimes, however, losing one or more of your teeth is unavoidable. Fortunately, the dental experts at Creative Dimensions in Dentistry, with offices in Castro Valley and San Leandro, California, have the skill and artistic expertise necessary to create realistic replacements. To learn more about the options available for replacing your missing tooth or teeth, call today for an appointment, or use the online scheduling service that’s available anytime.

Tooth Replacement Q&A

Can missing teeth cause problems?

Beyond cosmetic issues, a missing tooth can eventually cause adjacent teeth to shift from their places in your jaw. This sometimes causes painful misalignment of your teeth that may affect your speech, eating habits, and overall oral health. Missing teeth can also cause a sunken appearance to your cheeks that can add years to your face.

What are the options for replacing missing teeth?

The dentists offer a full range of options for replacing missing teeth with cosmetically-appealing replacements that are sometimes mistaken for the real thing.


Many patients have no option other than complete upper and lower dentures to replace their missing teeth. In that case, the perfectionists at Creative Dimensions in Dentistry use modern materials to match your natural teeth in shape and color and realistically shade the gum portion of the denture to match your gum tissue. They can also use dental implants to make your dentures more secure and comfortable and increase your confidence when wearing them.  


A fixed permanent bridge is an excellent choice when the teeth on either side of the missing tooth are in good condition. Because these permanent bridges are cemented to your existing teeth, you don’t have to worry about removing loose partials for cleaning, because you simply brush and floss your teeth as usual. Fixed bridges can replace a single tooth or several teeth.


Whenever possible, the dentists at Creative Dimensions in Dentistry recommend you consider dental implants to replace missing teeth. The implant is a titanium “root” that’s surgically placed in your jaw where it eventually integrates with your bony tissue. This allows it to become an essentially permanent support for holding crowns, bridges, and complete dentures in place.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Dental implants:

  • Look and feel like your real teeth
  • Are designed to be permanent
  • Help maintain your jawbone’s structure and facial contours   
  • Secure full dentures in place and prevent slippage when you’re eating or talking

Regardless of which option you choose for tooth replacement, the dental professionals at Creative Dimensions in Dentistry work hard to ensure you’re pleased with the results. Call today for an appointment or book your visit online.