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When you’ve got a cavity that needs repair, you don’t have to accept those hard-to-hide silver dental fillings. With offices conveniently located in Castro Valley and San Leandro, California, the highly-skilled dentists at Creative Dimensions in Dentistry use a filling material that bonds to your tooth and essentially disappears from sight. These dental experts can fill a new cavity or remove your old silver fillings and replace them with material that leaves everyone wondering if you’ve ever had a cavity. Call today for your appointment or book your visit online.

Dental Fillings Q&A

What is a filling?

Bacteria sometimes find its way past all your brushing and flossing efforts and causes decay or erosion as it eats away at the protective enamel covering the inner structures of your teeth. Given time, the bacteria eventually cause a hole or cavity that can continue to grow until it reaches sensitive nerve endings and causes pain and further destruction.

Your dentist uses a filling to fill the cavity left behind and return the damaged tooth to its normal function and shape. Fillings also prevent further pain and harm to your tooth by blocking the cavity-causing bacteria from further infecting the tooth.

What types of material are used for dental fillings?

Gold, porcelain, composite resin (tooth-colored fillings), and amalgam (a combination of mercury, silver, copper, tin, and sometimes zinc) are all used for dental fillings. Amalgam fillings were once very popular because of their affordability and strength. However, the dentists at Creative Dimensions in Dentistry typically suggest their patients choose composite, tooth-colored fillings for tooth restoration.    

What are the advantages of composite dental fillings?

Any filling helps prevent further decay by closing off spaces where bacteria can enter your tooth. Unlike other filling types, however, composite fillings also bond to your teeth and form a very strong, protective seal. They’re much less likely to crack a tooth or fall out.

Composite fillings are also much more cosmetically appealing than other types because they match the coloring of your tooth. They become almost invisible to the naked eye once the material has hardened. Fillings in your teeth generally need replacing after 10-20 years. If it’s time to swap out your fillings or you’d prefer a less noticeable tooth repair, your Creative Dimensions dentist can remove your old gold or silver-colored fillings and replace them with composite.

How can I tell that I have a cavity?

You can’t really see a cavity until the decayed area becomes large enough to view. If a cavity develops in an area that’s not easily seen, such as between your teeth or inside your tooth, pain may be your first warning that the cavity has formed.

Your dentist can spot even a small abnormality during an oral exam or when viewing X-rays taken during your visit. Like any medical condition, tooth decay is much easier to treat when caught early, and routine dental checkups make that possible.